About Bret

I started learning web design and programming at 12 years old. 15 years later I founded Jmz Software with James. We have both been developing for long time and both still contribute to our open source roots.



We are in the process of completely re-designing our Live Backup system. It promises to be faster, more reliable and more stable.


We are starting with the standalone app for now and once we have it completed, we will work on adding the new code into TWRP Manager’s Live Backup. With the redesign comes some new features. We are adding the ability to rename and delete the backups as well as the ability to schedule backups.


Yes, that’s right. You will soon be able to schedule Live Backups to run at specific times on specific days with the options you wish.


Once we feel it is ready, we will release it via our beta groups. If you have not already joined, we encourage you to do so. These beta groups give you first access to these exciting new features and you have the ability to help us find the bugs (if there are any) so that we can patch them before the official release.


Be on the lookout for the updates!